Friday, 28 June 2013

Car Parking Services in Los Angeles

Car parking services have turned into a huge industry in itself by dint of its diverse reach and interdependence with other services as well. It is a service which is essentially associated with just about any other like touring facilities, hotel accommodation, luxury holidays, visit to a shopping complex or any commercial institute in one’s ride and many more. These services are integrated with others so as to offer great value and meet up to the service expectations of the customers in addition to delivering the core offering of safety and security to one’s vehicle.
The Los Angeles Connect:
Los Angeles is essentially a dream destination for tourists and moreover it is a place which has mirth and entertainment written all over it. From gaudy Hollywood events to highly sophisticated casinos and luxury hangouts, Los Angeles offers it all. This pattern of premium lifestyle actually calls for premium services also in the context of car parking Los Angeles which involves transporting passengers from the airport or from their residence to places of interest or to public shows and social events and subsequently have the high value vehicles parked in safety.
In this regard certain eminent companies have partnered with certain premium hotel chains as well as travel agencies in ordered to integrate all their service offerings and deliver the best value to the customer. When it comes to car parking Los Angeles has a lot to offer through some of the most eminent companies offering such services; KEI Parking Management Services, California Parking Services, Lax Park, The Parking Spot, and a good number of valet parking service providers are definitely worth mentioning the name. They emphasize on the smooth operations so as to deliver impeccable customer service.
Key Deliverables:
It must be observed that car parking Los Angeles has evolved a lot and has incorporated the integration of various high end technological platforms so as to offer the highest security to the customers’ vehicles. This includes the much advanced ANPR or Automatic number plate recognition system which offers mass surveillance. This system can be synced with CCTVs which captures images of registration plates as well as of the drivers using infra red lighting and thus creates a database of the entry and exit details of the vehicles. To add on, the service providers also stress on proper parking management by facilitating better flow of traffic in the parking zone and having hotlinks with police stations for reporting crimes of theft.
The car parking services in Los Angeles involve high tech monitoring of vehicles so as to offer better traffic flow and safety.